The City if currently looking for volunteers to fill various boards and commissions.  Please review the brief description list below. If interested please contact City Hall at 440-235-5550.

 - This board meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m., except December. The Board handles a variety of duties for the city: (1)   Plan a comprehensive recreation program for the citizens of the Municipality; (2)   Recommend to the Planning Commission the purchase of additional land for recreational purposes; (3)   Recommend to Council the equipping and maintenance of public parks, playgrounds, playfields, gymnasiums, swimming pools, splash parks and recreation centers as funds for such purposes are appropriated by Council; (4)   Exercise such other powers and duties as Council may, by ordinance, provide for; (5)   Recommend to the Mayor, for the appointment or employment of any personnel it deems necessary. 

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION BOARD - The Board meets on a quarterly basis. The duties of the board consist of identifying conditions which are detrimental to the environment of the Municipality and to make recommendations to Council on a need of enforcement of current laws or new legislation concerning environmental problems.

PLANNING COMMISSION - The Commission meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.   Powers and Duties - The Planning Commission recommends to Council a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the Municipality or redevelopment of any area or district. The plan shall include the location of public ways, properties, bridges, schools, utilities, buildings, parks, playgrounds, and recreation areas, and the reservation and acquisition of lands therefor. It shall prepare and recommend to Council ordinances creating areas, zones, and districts of permitted and excluded use, including rules, regulations, restrictions, and limitations governing:  (1) The plan, design, height, floor area, number of stories, and size of structures; (2) The area and size of lots; (3) The subdivision and platting of lands and the improvement and development thereof; (4) The percentage of land occupancy and housing unit density of the occupied land; (5) The size of yards, courts, and open spaces; (6) The location, use, and occupancy of public and private buildings, structures, and land for trade and industry; (7) The use of land for off-street parking areas, parks, playgrounds, residences, and farms; (8) And all other such uses or purposes, both public and private, pertaining to each, as will promote the general welfare of the Municipality and its inhabitants.

ARCHITECTURAL BOARD OF REVIEW - The Board meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 7:30 p.m. The Board has the following duties and powers: (a) The Board shall have the specific power to grant a certificate of appropriateness as required by Section 1444.05(a). The Board shall prepare and adopt design guidelines for: (1) New construction and exterior alterations to any non-historic buildings, landmarks or structures, requiring review as per this chapter; (2) New construction and exterior alterations both to Designated Historic  Buildings, Landmarks and Structures and to buildings, landmarks or structures within an Historic District, requiring review as per this chapter. These guidelines, and any subsequent revisions to these guidelines, shall be submitted for review and comment to the Planning Commission and the Building, Housing and Zoning Administrator and, in the case of historic structures and districts, to the Ohio Historic Preservation Office. Once established, the design guidelines shall be distributed by the Building, Housing and Zoning Administrator to all parties applying for building permits.

BOARD OF ETHICS - The Board meets on a quarterly basis.  The Board shall have the following functions, powers and duties: (1) Receive and may initiate, complaints against members of Council, officers and employees of the City and members of any board or commission of the City concerning conduct alleged to be in violation of any law or ordinance which establishes ethical standards for members of Council, officers or employees of the City or members of any board or commission of the City. The Board shall investigate each complaint and may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths and require production of evidence. Conduct, either formal or informal hearings, and may close any hearing to the public.