The American Rescue Plan will provide a substantial influx of dollars to our community. This is a unique opportunity to provide our citizens with specific projects and services that the community believes is important.

I am proposing a citywide listening tour to get feedback from a broad section of Olmsted Falls residents on how to spend some of the approximately $924,758.00 the city is expecting from the federal government.  This meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 31st at 9:00 a.m. at the City Administration Building in Council Chambers.

I want to hear ideas from citizens and business owners.  It is important to listen to the needs of our residents. I want to hear the community’s priorities.  We want to make sure that these federal dollars are well spent on projects our citizens want.

As Mayor, I want to think strategically, and involve the public on how to spend and/or save portions of the money we receive from the federal government.  We will discuss priorities such as roads, infrastructure, police and fire services, parks and recreation, garbage collection and recycling, and other important issues.

The administration will also be providing an online citizen priority poll and community project questionnaire, which will be available beginning May 3, 2021.