Logo Survey

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In March of this year, the City of Olmsted Falls engaged StudioTh!nk, a Cleveland-based marketing agency, to work with us in creating a logo for our City. Successful branding is the hallmark feature of a successful business. Logo development is the first step in branding and we are pleased to introduce to you the final 3 versions of our new logo for Olmsted Falls. 

A logo is an easily recognized visual symbol. It should be memorable, attractive, and unique and help us convey a consistent message on letterhead, vehicles, signs, banners, social media, etc.

Much has been accomplished since March, and now, we would like the residents of Olmsted Falls to choose a winner! Please review the renderings below, along with the artists' descriptions, and cast a vote for your favorite Olmsted Falls logo. If you would like to see a larger version, they are on display at Olmsted Falls City Hall, Olmsted Falls Library and Olmsted Community Center.

Votes will be accepted until midnight, Monday, August 31st.
                                                                       PLEASE, ONLY ONE VOTE PER RESIDENT

olmsted falls logo

Option 1
- This logo was inspired by the look and feel of downtown Olmsted Falls. The perspective and winding path invite the audience to explore the town. The green color utilized was chosen to represent and bring to life the scenic Ohio woodlands in the surrounding area against a strong, charcoal gray background, representing the strong historical foundation of the area.

olmsted falls logo1

Option 2
- This logo was inspired by the natural beauty of Olmsted Falls. By incorporating the tree into the word Olmsted, we depict how the scenery and setting are an integral part of the town. This logo depicts a stylized version of the falls for which Olmsted Falls was named. Much like the first logo, this palette uses green and orange to depict nature on a strong, charcoal gray background.

olmsted falls logo3

Option 3
- Also inspired by the Ohio landscape surrounding the town; this logo features a blue and green palette chosen to further highlight this theme. The typography combines a bold, solid san serif font to represent the foundation and history of the town, along with a more fluid script font to represent both the motion of the falls and moving forward into the future. The words Olmsted and Falls are tied together to represent that both the past and future are an important part of the town. As a fun additional detail, the leaves/color used in the tree could change according to the seasons.

Logo Options