Mill Street Project Update

Mill Street Project Cancelled – NOACA TLCI Grant Cancelled – UPDATE APRIL 13, 2018

In early March, business owners and residents learned that a grant from the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) was intended to make Mill Street one-way in addition to adding street parking on both sides. Funding was also granted for the addition of new curbs, crosswalks and bicycle racks.

At a public meeting on March 14th, Mayor Graven; Don Sheehy, city engineer; and, Paula Accordino, director of economic development shared details of the project and responded to concerns from business owners and residents. One-hundred percent of the 50-people present were opposed to the one-way street designation. As a result, the project was tabled until a meeting with NOACA and ODOT could be arranged.

NOACA and ODOT partner to administer grants under the federal Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative. On April 12, the mayor, city engineer and economic development director met with NOACA and ODOT in hopes of salvaging a portion of the grant funds. The mayor shared that property owners and business people rejected the making of Mill Street into a one-way street. While they supported some elements of the project, including the addition of crosswalks, they were strongly against the one-way element and parking on both sides of the street. Representatives of NOACA and ODOT stated that the project funding decision was based on a transportation study and the 2016 Master Plan that the City adopted.  The scope of the project was intended to make traffic patterns safer, but NOACA officials understood that the people of the City did not want the project.

As a result, the project has been cancelled in its entirety. NOACA and ODOT officials encouraged the present administration to apply for funding under the next funding cycle that will likely be announced in late summer.

In late May 2018, a public meeting will be held and residents as well as business and property owners affected by changes to Mill Street will be invited to voice their suggestions for making the area around Mill Street safer for pedestrians. An announcement on the meeting time will be sent out in early May.

Mayor Graven wants to thank all of the people who shared their concerns and invites ongoing dialogue about all aspects of city government.