Community Paramedicine Forum

 Mayor Donegan of Olmsted Falls is pleased to invite you to a Forum.  The Forum will explore the concept of Community Paramedicine. This Forum is being organized jointly by; PHASTAR Corporation, Eliza Jennings, Southwest General Hospital, Cuyahoga County Division of Senior and Adult Services, State Senator Tom Patton, District 24, County Councilman Mike Gallagher, District 5. It will be held on August 2nd 2016 at Southwest General Medical Campus.   See attached flyer.

Meet your Presenter:.  Dan Swayze is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania, Inc.  The Center employs more than 300 clinicians, researchers and educational faculty and is internationally recognized for its STAT MedEvac helicopter EMS program as well as its EMS training programs. In 2006 Dr. Swayze co-founded Emed Health, a division of the Center dedicated to researching community paramedicine programs.  Since then, they have served more than 50,000 people using paramedics and EMTs in health promotion and disease prevention roles. Dr. Swayze has a Doctorate in Public Health, an MBA and a Master’s Degree in Emergency Medical Services.  He has been involved in EMS for more than 25 years.

The aim of  the morning  open Forum session will be to introduce you to Community Paramedicine. Community Paramedicine (CP) is a new and evolving model of community-based health care in which paramedics function outside their customary emergency response and transport roles in ways that facilitate more appropriate use of emergency care resources and/or enhance access to primary care for medically underserved populations.  CP programs typically are designed to address specific local problems and to take advantage of locally developed linkages and collaborations between and among emergency medical services (EMS) and other health care and social service providers and, thus, are varied in nature.  Interest in Community Paramedicine has substantially grown in recent years based on the belief that it may improve access to and quality of care while also reducing costs.   Some of the delivery system problems targeted by CP programs include overuse of the 911 system for social or psychological problems; the need for alternative means to manage patients who do not require transport to a general acute care hospital emergency department; repeat ED visiting or hospital readmissions due to gaps in care between hospital and outpatient primary care or specialty management; limited or no capacity for short-notice home visits, especially during off hours; and supplementing primary care shortages in underserved areas.

 The second portion of the day will be conducted as a closed workshop session.  The purpose of this session is to explore building a CHF Program: How to Start a Community Paramedicine Program for many municipalities across the country, the question has changed from Why should I start a Community Paramedicine Program?, to How do I get started?  Dan Swayze is one of the nation's pioneers in Community Paramedicine will walk participants through the initial steps of starting a program to reduce CHF readmissions.  From using an evidenced-based intervention to coming up with a price for your services, Dr. Swayze will share his insights from working with both hospitals and health plans on building effective programs for the past 10 years. The end deliverable will be a Strategic Plan on what our Community Paramedicine Program will look like.  The success of this workshop depends mostly on the quality of participation and the dynamics of the debates in order to arrive at the desired results.  Thus, each participant/partner will be asked to communicate his/her organization’s background information.

 Forum/Workshop is made possible by The State of Ohio Local Government Innovation Fund Council.

 Please confirm your participation with Bess Vrettos Special Projects Office of the Mayor.  Mayo Donegan wishes to be mindful of the number of elected officials that plan to attend.    Please confirm by July 20th   so we remain in compliance the Ohio Revised Coded and post the event as a public meeting.

 See contact information below.

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