Members of the Commission:
Albert Namestnik
Mike Reitz
Rich Nemeth
Jessie Hawkins
Aimee Stone, Secretary

The Commission meets on a quarterly basis.  The meetings are held in Council Chambers located in the City Administration Building at 26100 Bagley Road. 

The purpose of the Shade Tree Commission is to study, formulate and develop plans for placing, planting, and preserving tree and shrubs on the streets and on public property owned by the City.  To effect regulation of the planting, maintenance and removal of trees and shrubs, the Commission shall establish and subsequently amend, subject to ratification by Council, guidelines for the sizes, types and species of trees and shrubs it determines are suitable for specified locations. 
The Commission shall prepare a budget for the funds the City may designate or receive to implement plans for the placing, planting and preservation of trees and shrubs. 
The Commission may publish and distribute pertinent educational materials to residents of the City.  Click here to view the Shade Tree brochure. 

First Energy has a professional tree service program.  You may call 1-800-505-7283 to obtain a free estimate.  Click here to view a small brochure regarding this service.