Members of the Commission:                                                           Planning & Zoning Application
Brett Iafigliola, Chairman
Michelle Hawkins
Chaz Weber
Gary Pehanic
Peter Carpenter
Garry Thompson
Angi Mancini, Secretary

The Commission meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. The meetings are held in Council Chambers located in the City Administration Building at 26100 Bagley Road.  The Planning Commission shall adopt rules and bylaws governing the holding of meetings, both regular and special, the transaction of its business, the filing of papers and applications, the conducting of hearings, and the manner of the exercise of its powers. Where Council by ordinance provides for the manner of exercise of such powers, the provisions of the ordinance shall be followed. At its first meeting each year, the Planning Commission shall choose one of its members to serve as Chairman and may recommend to the Mayor a candidate for appointment as Secretary.

Powers and Duties - The Planning Commission shall recommend to Council a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the Municipality or the redevelopment of any area or district therein, which plan shall include the location of public ways, properties, bridges, schools, utilities, buildings, parks, playgrounds, and recreation areas, and the reservation and acquisition of lands therefor. It shall prepare and recommend to Council ordinances creating areas, zones, and districts of permitted and excluded use, including rules, regulations, restrictions, and limitations governing:  (1) The plan, design, height, floor area, number of stories, and size of structures; (2) The area and size of lots; (3) The subdivision and platting of lands and the improvement and development thereof; (4) The percentage of land occupancy and housing unit density of the occupied land; (5) The size of yards, courts, and open spaces; (6) The location, use, and occupancy of public and private buildings, structures, and land for trade and industry; (7) The use of land for off-street parking areas, parks, playgrounds, residences, and farms; (8) And all other such uses or purposes, both public and private, pertaining to each, as will promote the general welfare of the Municipality and its inhabitants.

Mandatory Referral - No public building, street, boulevard, parkway, park, public land, playground, aviation field, utility, dock, wharf, dam, bridge, tunnel, or part thereof shall be constructed or authorized to be constructed, purchased, or sold; nor shall any street, avenue, parkway, boulevard, or alley be opened for any purpose whatsoever, widened, narrowed, relocated, vacated, or its use changed; nor shall any ordinance referring to zoning or other regulations controlling the use or development of lands be passed or become effective or binding upon the Municipality unless and until Council shall have first submitted the proposal or ordinance to the Planning Commission for report and recommendation.