Members of the Board:

Bill Eichenberg
Dave Buchholz
Tom Forbes
Amy Gaffney
Tom Osborne
Jack Sadlon

Aimee Stone, Secretary

The duties of the board are: (1)   Plan a comprehensive recreation program for the citizens of the Municipality; (2)   Recommend to the Planning Commission the purchase of additional land for recreational purposes; (3)   Recommend to Council the equipping and maintenance of public parks, playgrounds, playfields, gymnasiums, swimming pools, splash parks and recreation centers as funds for such purposes are appropriated by Council; (4)   Exercise such other powers and duties as Council may, by ordinance, provide for; (5)   Recommend to the Mayor, for the appointment or employment of any personnel it deems necessary.  The board meets the first Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m., except December.  All meetings are held in the Jenkins Place at the City Administration Building, 26100 Bagley Road.

All gifts donated to the Municipality for park and/or recreation purposes shall be used for such purposes.