• Leaves should be piled along the roadside or curb, do not place in the roadway or ditches. Leaves should not be placed more than 5 feet from the roadway. 
  • Branches, tree limbs, metal, rocks, firewood, or anything else that can cause damage to the leaf collection equipment must be sorted out from the leaf piles.  FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN LEAVES NOT BEING COLLECTED.
  • DO NOT bag leaves. Bagged leaves may be put out with your trash for collection on regular trash collection day. 
  • After November 30th there will be one last collection through the city, IF WEATHER conditions permit or demand dictates. However, leaf collection trucks double as snow plow trucks and must be converted for such as soon as possible. 
  • The City is not responsible for pickup of branches, brush or leaves on any of our private streets. 
Effective through the leaf collection period and winter months, the City will temporarily stop picking up brush. Residents can still bundle their branches in 3-4' sections and leave out on trash day. Brush pickup will resume again in April of each year. 

Begins on the first Monday of each month April through October. If the Monday falls on a holiday pickup will begin on Tuesday.  Make sure that all branches are placed on the tree lawn by 7:00 a.m. Cut end must face the street with piles not to exceed 3' in height. Branches cannot be larger than 8" in diameter. NO foreign matter (lumbar, metal, cans, etc.) NO vines, thorns/prickers, and/or tree stumps, grass, weeds or flowers. BRANCHES SHOULD NOT BE PLACED ON THE TREE LAWN ANY SOONER THAN THE WEEKEND BEFORE PICKUP.