The Charter Review Commission is responsible for reviewing our City Charter every 8 years, which was originally adopted in 1974.  The Commission must submit any revisions, alterations, or amendments to the Charter to the Clerk of Council within nine (9) months.  Council shall submit to the electors, without change, any such proposed alterations, revisions, or amendments.

The Charter Review Commission met through the spring on March 6th and 28th, 2018; April 11th and 25th, 2018; May 9th and 30th, 2018 for its review of our Charter.  To review the discussions held during each of the Charter Review Commission's meeting's please click here for their meeting minutes. 

The four (4) proposed amendments to the City Charter as recommended by the Charter Review Commission to City Council, without change, are listed in the left navigation buttons.  Each ordinance will show the current Charter language along with the proposed amendments to each section. 

To review the Olmsted Falls City Charter please click here which will link you directly to the City Charter.

Summary for Ordinance 35-2018 - Presiding Oficer (Issue 55 on November Ballot):

This proposed Charter amendment is suggested as a more consistent method for the procedural operations of City Council meetings. The Commission reviewed various Charter provisions from other communities regarding the process for Council meetings, and it became apparent that the City of Olmsted Falls stood alone as a community that provided for the Mayor, rather than the President of City Council, as the presiding officer of Council meetings.  This appears to be incongruent for a clear delineation between the Mayor, as the administrative officer of the city, and City Council, as the legislative body, in the procedural operations of City Council.

Summary for Ordinance 36-2018 - Council Terms (Issue 56 on November Ballot):

The Charter Review Commission concluded that a two-year term for Council members was too short of a period for service on Council, as it usually takes at least two (2) years for a Council member to become fully knowledgeable in the workings and processes for being a legislative representative. Another concern was the prospect of all Councilmen face the possibility of being turned out of office, or choosing not to run for reelection, at the same time, thereby leaving a significant void in Councilmanic leadership and knowledge.

Summary for Ordinance 34-2018 - Run Off Election (Issue 57 on November Ballot):

The Charter Review Commission considered the cost of holding a runoff election in December, a month after the general election at a time when no other elections were scheduled by the Board of Elections. Also considered was the timing between the general and runoff election as being quite limited for campaign purposes. Also considered was the concern that the potential inclement weather with a December runoff date likely causes many voters to not go to the polling places to vote, as no absentee voting is available, in view of the short window between the general and run off elections.

Summary for Ordinance 37-2018 - Obsolete Language (Issue 58 on November Ballot):

This Charter amendment proposal was considered to provide for a more efficient and expedient method for modifying Charter provisions that were procedural rather than substantive in nature.  Administrative provisions usually address operational issues, while substantive provisions effect rights and responsibilities in the management of city government. If adopted, City Council would have the opportunity to adopt procedural changes to the charter without waiting for the next municipal election.